It’s time to re-think the entire recruitment process from scratch. It’s been a long time coming but the combination of COVID 19, superfast broadband and business-orientated apps has sped everything up.

I want you to give me five minutes of your time so I can share my vision of the future for UK businesses with you. I want you to see the benefits this new structure will bring you professionally and personally.

And I hope that you’ll never thinking about recruiting and the recruiting process in the same way ever again.

The reality of taking on full-time UK employees

The average UK wage is £27,600 a year but that’s only where your costs and the hassles begin.

The actual cost is £52,440.

If you wanted to take on five members of staff in a year, what you spend on them would be the same as buying a home at the average UK price.

It’s just too risky.

What UK employees really cost

On top of the £27,600 wage, you’ll pay:

  • Recruiter fees of £5,000
  • National Insurance Employers’ Contributions of £4,037
  • Pension contributions of £830
  • Training costs of £1,068
  • Office space and equipment costs of £4,800
  • Bonuses equivalent to £1,656
  • Other costs of £8,000 (including HR, holiday cover, sick days, company cars, software licences and more).

Offices are nooses

UK commercial landlords have not adapted to the new reality despite the empty trains, buses and commuter lanes we see every morning.

They think the world that existed by March 23rd, 2020 (when the lockdown became official) is still the world as it is today.

The whole Working From Home (WFH) has passed them by. They think it’s a fad.

They’re still advertising office space on ridiculous 10-year leases with labyrinthine break clauses that are impossible to activate in years 3 and 6. Contractual unfairness aside, how can a growing business accurately forecast how much space they’re going to need in 10 years’ time? Why tie businesses down to such long contracts?

It’s not just the contract lengths that are ridiculous. So are the deposits. So is the sinking fund (it’s their building!). So is the £10,000+ you’ll spend with commercial solicitors trying to close every loophole a landlord will use to eventually screw you with.

Whatever space you do have now, make sure you only fill it with the staff who are the most productive and generate the greatest revenue.

You don’t need a social media manager or a customer service rep to be physically located in the office. Save them the hassle of travelling to work and save the seat for someone who’s going to make you real money.

UK employment laws mean that you’re often stuck with unsuitable staff

Four weeks’ holiday. Parental leave. Grievance procedures. IR35. National Insurance and pension contributions. Pay HMRC by the 22nd of the following month. The Equality Act. The mountain of employment legislation continues to grow taller year by year.

While I support treating staff in the workplace fairly with real conviction, it’s been obvious that the direction of travel for many years with employment law is in favour of the employee.

The workplace is very highly regulated. Even experienced HR professionals struggle to create a positive, inclusive working atmosphere.

If you want to get rid of someone, it’s a real hassle. You have to give chance after chance and offer ongoing training even if you know they don’t really care, they don’t have the skills or their heart really isn’t in the job. You have to follow an elaborate disciplinary procedure to get them out or you’ll be hauled in front of an employment tribunal.

You have to be a mother or father to dozens of staff, a drill sergeant to get them to do the work they’re paid for and a counsellor when they want to unload on you the myriad reasons they can’t actually do the job.

Recruiters are glorified high-commission sales reps

Some recruiters say that they’re 20% or 30% fee for finding the right person is worth it.

Do you know many recruiters have actually ditched their internal candidate databases now? When they get a job from a client, they search LinkedIn and Indeed to find the people to put in front of you. It doesn’t take a genius to do that or send a speculative email to a prospective employee letting them know about a job that’s going on.

For some recruiters though, that all sounds too much like hard work. Instead, they’ll just pay for an ad and sift through the unsuitable responses to find the gems.

This is all stuff you could be doing. For free! You know better than any recruiter who you’re looking for.

Recruiters do not have a special gift, a sixth sense to match client and candidate. It’s simple opportunism. Their only training is on how to sell people like you their recruitment services.

Yes, they do save you the hassle of going through the mountains of CVs from people who read your job description and apply anyway despite the fact they’re completely unsuitable. But that’s something a secretary or virtual assistant could do for you anyway.

Recruiters offer free replacements if someone you offer a job to doesn’t work out. But that’s only for 30-60 days and if you pay the invoice in full upfront.

So what does the business of the future look like?

If that all seems a lot of hassle, you’re right. I have built businesses before in the traditional way and all of the above happened to me. I know I am not alone.

The business of the future is going to be a lot more flexible and owner-friendly.

It’s a future where you’re far more in control and the upside risks of expansion are a lot greater than the costs.

Let’s look at this in detail.

Lower office costs

You’ll still have key members of staff coming to work every day, especially when they work in sales or on business improvement projects.

But your office will be much smaller.

That’s because only the most important employees now have to come in. So, you won’t need to lease bigger offices, buy new furniture and get computer equipment for staff whose physical presence is actually not required to do the job.

Lower staff costs

Most repetitive and mundane tasks which are not productive but are necessary will now be done by staff in a virtual environment.

You won’t need a full-time on-premises secretary answering the phones. You won’t need to find and hire a social media manager or product description writer for your website. You won’t need to hire someone to operate the email marketing software to bring in more sales. You won’t need to hire a copywriter and graphic designer to build the emails for you.

You’ll hire skilled, multi-tasking virtual members of staff to do it all instead.

So you and your most important staff won’t be spending so much time doing all those frustrating little microtasks anymore. You can do what you’re best at instead.

In fact, you can replace expensive British staff you already have working for you with virtual staff.

Our virtual assistants are based in the Philippines, speak fluent English, are familiar with and love British culture and cost 40% less than UK staff.

More efficient staff

If your sales staff are burdened with admin tasks, that’s time they’re not spending with clients. If you make your sales staff find their own appointments, they’re spending days on the phone and LinkedIn when they could be face to face with prospective customers.

Give your reps a break. Hire a virtual assistant to do their admin work and book appointments for them.

In fact, ask the most valuable members of your team which tasks they want you to free them from by transferring them across to a virtual assistant instead. When you do that, you’ll bring in more revenue and delight more customers.

Lower training costs

For small and growing businesses, managing apprenticeships is hard. It’s costly to buy online training to upskill your members of staff.

With virtual recruiting, it’s different. Your virtual assistants come to you trained and ready. We’ll work with you to finesse their existing training so that they do exactly what you need them to do for you.

Greater flexibility

If you want to add a new skill set or service to your company, our virtual recruitment assistants are on hand to help you find the right candidates.

Do you want to take someone on for a temporary assignment like an IT specialist on a project? UK contractors can cost hundreds of pounds a day and there’s always IR35 to worry about. By hiring remotely, you avoid IR35 altogether and get the job done for a lot less.

More time for you

We understand the challenges owners have to face. We know that there’s lot of things that don’t get done that you end up doing because it’s not in your staff members’ job descriptions. We also know that taking on a full-time UK member of staff to do the work is too expensive.

Ultimately, you pay the price for this and we’re not talking about the financial costs.

We’re talking about the hours you put in, the endless list of stuff that needs to be done and the time you’re missing with your spouse, kids and friends. Over time, this wears you down and burns you out.

Our story

Back in 2014 we set up an e-commerce business. It grew fast and we soon found the number of orders we were processing was becoming unmanageable. We quickly found ourselves stuck in the weeds of the business. We were burned out, frustrated, stagnant and not living the life that we envisaged.

Yes, we tried to bring in UK team members. But we got it wrong and lost £10,000s as a result. It was this that prompted our search for another way forward. We found virtual assistants and the rest is history.

We now have 10 ambitious, skilled, Virtual Assistants in our team. This has helped us grow our business to a high six-figure turnover and saved us £306,000 in labour and associated costs.

We have since helped companies save millions of pounds by hiring, training and integrating highly skilled Virtual Assistants onto their teams.

Resource Worldwide has become a pioneer in the Virtual Staffing space. We want all businesses to have access to highly skilled, cost-effective Virtual Assistants. Our goal is to provide 10,000 companies with this life-changing solution by 2026.

Your very own virtual recruitment process

1. Decide what help you need

If you want to grow your business and free up your time and your staff’s time, ask yourself the following four questions:

  1. Which existing work can be done cheaper virtually with no sacrifice in quality?
  2. Which tasks are you getting staff members to do currently that takes productive time away from them?
  3. What are the skill gaps in your business that you might be using expensive and often unavailable freelancers for?
  4. What are you as the owner doing to keep everything working that could be passed on to someone else?

This is where our virtual recruiting process starts – by identifying your current and future needs.

To get real clarity over your virtual recruiting strategy, it’s best to talk first to one of our hiring managers.

2. Our successful virtual recruiting process

Once we know exactly what you need for your business, our virtual hiring process begins.

We have thousands of highly-skilled virtual staffers on our books.

When a new position becomes available, we hold virtual job fairs. We invite prospective candidates to attend a virtual recruiting event, selecting the talent with the best CVs to attend virtual interviews with our hiring managers.

This is a vital step in helping us find just the right people for you.

3. Virtual interview with you

We then short-list the virtual job seekers we’ve interviewed down to three.

We’ll send you their CVs and ask for your feedback. Of course, you may not always agree with our selection so please feel free to ask us for replacement CVs if needed.

Select two or more of your candidates and we’ll arrange virtual interviews at a time to suit you.

4. Offer your favoured candidate the job

If you click with a candidate and want them to become your virtual staff member, let us know as soon as possible.

Our staffers are in great demand and they always find new work very quickly so time is of the essence.

5. Day 1 and onboarding

Your new virtual staffer will go live on the day and times you want. Don’t worry about the fact they work in the Philipines – they can work at any time including UK office hours.

If you can send them detailed information on what you want them to do for you, that’ll help onboarding. Expect a few questions for your virtual assistant as they continue their education about your business and what they want from you.

You’ll be very pleasantly surprised by how quickly and effortlessly they pick everything up.

6. Ongoing support from Resource Worldwide

Remember that we’re always here too. Your virtual staffer will be overseen by a line manager in the Philipines. We work with your staffer’s line manager to make sure that what you ask for gets done as quickly and efficiently as possible.

Worried things won’t work out?

Don’t worry. We handle all HR and employment law issues. We’re liable for that, not you.

If you decide that your virtual staffer isn’t for you following hiring, let us know. We can start the hunt for a replacement. Our service is also easy-come easy-go and we don’t tie you up to long contracts.

Create virtual recruitment strategies that work for your business

We handle everything from the initial virtual events to find the right staff members right through to onboarding to provide a seamless virtual recruitment experience.

Growing your business using virtual assistants will change your company and life for the better. We are living proof of that.

Please get in touch with us to find out more.

Want us to facilitate virtual hiring for your business so that you get the very best staff to help you grow? Get a free initial consultation by clicking here.