You will build your agency faster, make staff happier, improve profits and enjoy being a boss more by hiring one or more of our specialist recruitment virtual assistants.

We understand that opening and expanding a recruitment agency, like you’ve done, takes its toll. Did you know that your recruitment consultant colleagues feel more stress than any other type of worker, according to research?

From our hands-on experience with recruitment agency clients, we know that the biggest challenges and headaches you face is the mountains of work created by:

  • Screening applicants
  • Prospecting for new clients
  • Arranging interviews
  • Writing job descriptions
  • Getting paid
  • Updating your website and countless job boards with vacancy details
  • Keeping candidate databases up to date
  • Financial record-keeping

In this article, we’ll show you why hiring a virtual personal assistant is a better, more competitively priced and safer bet than taking on a full-time UK employee.

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Your problem is down to process and not a lack of people

Your recruitment consultants have too many other commitments like admin-related tasks to deal with.

They are highly-skilled sales professionals. They should spend as many hours of their week as possible building up an extensive network of clients to bill. They should spend time convincing the very best candidates to trust them with their careers.

That’s what they’re really good at and that’s what brings the money in.

Give your consultants back a few hours a week to do by taking these administrative support tasks away from them.

The best way to build on your top billers’ continued success is to give someone else the work instead.

So what choices do you have?

If you take on another full-time recruitment consultant, your agency’s prospecting power will increase. But you won’t get any more from each of them individually because there’s still admin to do.

A better option is a specific admin person. Hiring one will:

  • Make you more efficient. Your business will appear more organised and professional to both clients and candidates.
  • Bring in more revenue. If your consultants now spend 80% of their time prospecting rather than 40%, see your monthly billing increase significantly.

UK employees versus virtual assistants

So getting an administrator into your business is the perfect solution.

You can choose the traditional route of employing a full-time member of staff here in the UK or choosing a virtual assistant working from a remote location overseas.

There are pros and cons to both.

Hiring a new member of staff in the UK

The advantages of hiring someone from the UK are:

  • A new member of the team. Every new hire brings a different point of view and personality to the office and the team.
  • Future manager/director in the making. Over time, you might uncover a colleague’s valuable hidden talents which can generate extra revenue.
  • Recognisable qualifications. You’ll know the value of the educational and vocational qualifications a new team member has.
  • Verifiability. It’s much easier to get referrals from previous employers than with an overseas virtual assistant.

The disadvantages are:

  • High wages. The mean average UK wage is £31,447 or £604.75 per week
  • Taxes. National Insurance Employers’ Contributions and Workplace Pensions add another 13.8% to that total, equivalent to another £101.60 per week on top.
  • Job market volatility. The UK job market is at its tightest in decades making it more likely competitors will pitch your talent to work for them.
  • Holidays. Who’ll be responsible for their tasks when they’re away for 4 weeks of the year?
  • Office space. If yours is a fast-growing agency, finding space to sit new members of staff is a challenge. You may need to move to bigger premises and that costs more money.
  • UK employment law. We all strive to be the best, most caring employer but many feel that employment tribunals have now tilted too much in favour of the employee.
  • Opportunity cost. It can take months before you discover whether someone is suitable for a role. When you find out they’re not, it takes significant time and effort to find a replacement.

The whole process of hiring in the UK is complicated.

If you do find the ideal candidate, great because they’re worth their weight in gold. But it never seems straightforward.

Hiring a Filipino virtual assistant

It could be that hiring a UK member of staff is just too expensive. Fast-growing recruitment start-ups in particular worry about just that.

The advantages of hiring a virtual assistant to work remotely for you are:

  • Lower costs. The average cost of a Filipino virtual assistant through Resource Worldwide is £17,680 – that’s 44% less than the UK average before taxes and pensions.
  • No PAYE or Workplace Pension. You don’t need a payroll agency to work out PAYE or pension contributions as there are none.
  • Job market stability. Unemployment in the Philipines is high meaning there’s less wage inflation. Staff seem to show a genuinely high level of commitment to their employers too.
  • Multi-skilled . Resource Worldwide VAs are thoroughly trained to our own very high standards by experienced business lecturers on site. Many are degree-educated too.
  • No need to find extra office space. No up-front costs connected with furniture, computers, internet connection, phones and more.
  • No employment law or HR worries. All employment and HR issues are dealt with on-site. You never hear about them – it’s no longer your problem.
  • Easier to stop service. Get two weeks to find out if your virtual assistant is right for you. Choose part-time or full-time hours. We offer free replacements if, after a trial, it isn’t working out for you with a particular VA. After that, we require a minimum commitment of x months. And, if you want to end service, just give us x weeks’ notice.

The disadvantages are:

  • You never get to meet them  . They’re very nice people and you’d like them – a lot. Unless of course you want to take a luxury trip out to the Phillipines to meet your team!
  • Training takes slightly longer. Because they’re working remotely and are not there with you face to face, it takes slightly longer to train remote virtual assistants in your way of doing things. We support you and your VA fully throughout the integration process.
  • Can take a little time to familarise themselves with UK norms. It may take your virtual assistant a little longer to understand some of the nuances in language use and business customs peculiar to us British but they soon get the hang of it. Also don’t worry about accents. They speak really clearly so that native English speaker can easily understand them on phone calls.

What we look for when advertising a virtual assistant job for a client

Over the past few years, we’ve built up a database of over 300,000 professional Virtual Assistants, all of whom are trained them on-site to perform to our very high standards.

In addition to administrative and virtual secretary skills, they can also help you with:

  • Social media
  • Customer service
  • (Senior) systems administration
  • Book keeping
  • Tech support
  • Web development
  • App development
  • Graphic design
  • Video editing

We encourage our virtual assistants to take as many courses as possible so that they can assist you on as many tasks and jobs as possible.

How we work with recruiters

Some of Resource Worldwide’s largest clients are recruitment agencies ranging from start ups to multinational firms.

They all share one thing in common – they want to plug skills and service gaps as quickly, conveniently and cost-effectively as possible.

Share where work is getting held up in your agency. Let us know which tasks your colleagues struggle with. Tell us what’s needed to make your agency run as smoothly, efficiently and profitably as possible.

With that information, we find the perfect virtual assistant for your VA role with the skills and experience needed to improve how your business runs who will buy into your company’s ethos, vision and culture.

How your company will change after we’ve found your virtual assistant

Your virtual assistant will take care of the following:

  • Proper diary management for everyone. You, your consultants, other team members, clients and candidates will have everything organised for them.
  • Ready to screen applicants. Invite candidates for agency meetings, phone interviews, and employer interviews only when you’ve got all their details on your system. Your VA will make sure that you get what you need.
  • Background checking. From criminal record checks to referrals, tell your VA what you need from every candidate and they’ll make sure you get it.
  • Great job descriptions. Your VA will proofread job descriptions for you. If you want a VA to write them too, let us know when you call.
  • Liasing with clients. From arranging interviews to finding out who to send the invoice to, your VA has it in hand
  • Up-to-date candidate database. Set your VA the task of calling your candidate database to make sure that your records are up to date. This can be a great way too of finding out who’s ready to move jobs.
  • Project management. VAs are often the glue in company-wide project work ensuring that people and teams are kept on track and chased up for reports overdue to the project leader.

And your agency benefits from:

  • Consultants bill more. They have more time to do what they’re best at – winning the trust of clients to find them the right staff.
  • Happier members of staff. Your staff will enjoy work and be more productive because they no longer are responsible for the tasks they dislike and which slow them down.
  • Lower fixed costs. Taking on a virtual assistant is less expensive than taking on a new UK member of staff.
  • Faster client payments. Let your remote working superstar chase up overdue invoices to make sure you get paid faster.

Last but not least, let your virtual assistant makes things easier for you, the boss

Not only will your recruitment staff be grateful for your decision to hand over some of their responsibilities to trained virtual executive assistants.

You benefit too. Your virtual assistant can become your virtual PA helping you to organise your time better. They’re also really handy for minor bookkeeping tasks, proofreading and even formatting presentations for staff although, given the distance, they’re not so great at running personal errands for you.

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