Hi, guys! It’s Sophie here. I just wanted to have a quick catch-up and share a couple of things that have been going on this week, a couple of observations that I have made, and a couple of things that I think women in business are all guilty of. What I am going to do is share about the topic, then I am going to give the seven top tips that I do in my own life to help overcome the challenges that I face as a female entrepreneur. 

This week, I have first seen a lot of conversations around women in business who are mothers, wives, have partners and are feeling quite a lot of stress, overwhelm, anxiety, and that feeling that they don’t have time to give attention to their partners and their children, even obviously with all the homeschooling that we’ve had recently. A lot of women also feel that they do not have the time to give attention to their business that they need in order for it to grow and provide them with enough income, freedom, or whatever it might be that they started their businesses for. 

I also read something really interesting. I am a big fan of Thor, and there is a new Thor film coming out. I read that Chris Hemsworth’s wife actually took some time out of her career to support him whilst bringing up their children, so they would never be in different countries. They would always be in the same country together. Obviously, if she was filming, he would be in a different country as well. 

So it got me thinking about us as women in business, as mothers, and as children. There was an interesting fact which I then read when I looked into this a little bit more. U.K. women’s businesses actually have a much higher churn rate than businesses run by men. However, when businesses get closed that are normally run by men, often the reason is that the business has failed. But with women, the reason oftentimes is because of personal reasons.  I realised that there was some kind of consistency coming in here regarding the people just talking about how they were feeling, with Chris Hemsworth’s wife choosing her family and being a mother over her career, and then obviously reading this interesting statistic. 

I have had this in my own life. I have a three-year-old, and I am pregnant with our second child.  Because of having my three-year-old, I decided to set up my own business. The challenges that came with setting up a business and at the same time doing it with the extra responsibility of being a wife and mother, were absolutely huge. There are many days when I felt like I don’t know if I can do this. I felt overwhelmed, stressed, and anxious. I often would feel like a failure. I would feel guilty for spending time with George when I should’ve been building the business. I was worried about how I was going to pay the bills or if I was going to be able to pay the bills. I would also feel guilty when I was working on the business when I should have been spending my time with George.


So I would say that over the last three years, I really had to commit to learning how to fulfill these different roles in my life. If you chuck in trying to find some time for living a healthy life and self-care as well, it all can get a little bit much. That is why I wanted to put these seven steps together. If anything that I have just said is something that you can relate to or you have experienced yourself, these are some of the things that I have done to really help overcome that. I think that it is something that you practise, and over time, you just start to get more used to the patterns and realise that things that you think are really important and need instant attention, probably don’t. Also, you realise that you can control and structure your business and your life in certain ways to take this pressure and overwhelm off you. Here are the seven top tips that you might want to consider:


  1. Acknowledge who you are. You are all of these different roles. You are a wife, a mother, a friend, a daughter, and a business entrepreneur. You are going to be hugely successful in your career, whether you are running your own business or whether you are at the top of your career. You are going to be hugely successful, and you can be even as a wife and a mother. So just acknowledge who you are and acknowledge that you have all of these different roles. Don’t try to sacrifice any of them for any of the others. Not one of those roles is more important than the other one. It is about just recognising at which point of which day you focus on which role it is that you are going to play. 
  2. Focus on doing three things at once. This second thing is massive, and I read this in an article a couple of years ago and it was a real game-changer for me. So, I don’t know about you. I am kind of old school. I have my diary here, and I make lists all of the time. There are two things I always have with me. One is my diary, and the other is my notebook. I make lists all of the time which I will get into in a second. But in my diary, I only ever have three things to do the next day. So, I just put down the top three things that need to be done the next day. This is different from my running to-do list. I used to put like 10 to 15 things down. Again, that just leads to more overwhelm and stress. Now, I just do those three things, and even if I don’t get them all ticked off, as long as I am getting two of them done, then, I know every day, that sort of consistency is going to be progressing me forwards. 
  3. Prioritise convenience. There is nothing wrong with making easy choices. For example, we definitely, as far as cooking is concerned in our house, use a service here in the U.K. Gousto. It is just super easy and quick. There is nothing wrong with that. We order our food shopping online so that it gets delivered. These are just some practical examples of things that we do that means that we are not spending a lot of time cooking and going to the supermarket. As a result, we can use our time in ways that we want to spend it. 
  4. Outsource, systemise, automate, and leverage your business. This fourth point, especially in our business, or in my business, is one of the biggest things that I have changed in the last three years, and it has taken some time. This is not an overnight process, and I talked about this a little bit last week. So if you have not seen that video, I recommend you go back to it, and I am going to do a real in-depth, detailed video about this particular topic. But outsource, systemise, automate, and leverage your business in any way that you possibly can so that the business can run with or without you. 

I talked about this last week because I was sick for seven weeks in the early stages of this pregnancy. My business actually grew. It did not just survive. Instead, it grew because I have automated, leveraged, and outsourced it. I don’t need to be in that business for it to run. We actually have a second business, and I am in the warehouse right now and my husband runs that. It is a gift box experience company. At the moment, that business requires some additional support from me. So I am able to, again, know that I can spend some time supporting my husband in his business, then, my business, Resource Worldwide, will just run because, again, it is automated and set up to run without me. Importantly, it does take some time to be able to do that. There are some things you can do to instantly automate areas of it. Others take a little bit more time, but if you’re not doing that yet, I would 100% start looking into it. It is probably the number one thing that you can do to free up your time and spend it in these other aspects of your life. 


  1. Get things out of your head. I don’t know if you are like me, but as things stack up in my head, I get more overwhelmed that I have got so much to do. I sit down to do it, and I just can’t remember any of the things that I had to do that were making me feel overwhelmed. That is why I always have my notebook with me. I keep it everywhere. I keep it out of the bedroom, but I keep it everywhere else. As I am doing things, I am just making more notes. If something comes to my mind, I want it out of my head. My head needs to be clear so that I can be focused, and I put it down on paper. 


  1. Accept that things take time. I know that most of us want things now or we are okay to wait 12 months, but longer than that seems too much. Tony Robbins is someone whom I have watched a lot of videos and read all his books. If you have not looked into Tony Robbins yet, I highly recommend you to do it. One of the things that he says is that most people overestimate what they can achieve in a year, and massively underestimate what they can achieve in 10 years. So if you just think now in 10 years, what would be your ultimate dream life? It could just be having lots of free time to spend with your family. It could be a certain house. It could be being able to travel or buying something for some of your family. Whatever it might be, if that is your 10-year goal and that really excites you and maybe scares you a little bit, then do not let your frustrations of what happens in one year stop you from achieving what you can achieve in 10 years. 

As I said, I am in my third year of business now. The first year was so slow, while the second year was not that fast. But now in year three, the foundations are laid. Things are really starting to take off. Every day there is more excitement and a lot less apprehension. However, it took some time. So I thought where are we going to be by year 10? That gets me really excited, but it takes time to achieve those goals, so do not try to rush it because what will happen is that you will only get frustrated. 

  1. Stay present and in the moment. Concentrate on the job that you are doing at hand. Stay in the moment, whether it is going to the park with your son or daughter, spending some time with your partner, filming some content or writing some content, or whatever it is that you are doing, just stay present at that moment. Don’t think about the other things that you need to do. If you start thinking about other things, take your notepad out, write it down on there, and then put it away. Let it go, and stay focused on the moments that you are actually in. It will allow you to appreciate them more. Again, it will just pull you away from this constant feeling of guilt about where you are spending your time. 

So I hope these tips were really helpful for you! I look forward to sharing a little bit more information with you next time. Have a fantastic week everyone!

Sophie Dearden
Resource Worldwide