Hi, it’s Sophie here from Resource Worldwide and today I wanted to talk to you for a few minutes about how outstanding virtual assistants can help your business grow. 

As a business owner, it can be easy to lose focus on developing your business, building your brand, delivering the best possible product or service when you have to do daily activities such as responding to emails, processing orders, managing customer service and just being reactive in general.

Just the day to day running of the business can seem to take all of your time and be really overwhelming, let alone then having to find the time to grow your business or have fun along the way. Trust me, I’ve been there. I set up my e-commerce business when I had my son. The idea of being my own boss, financial rewards, freedom, spending my time how I wanted were all greatly appealing. What I didn’t realise was just how much day-to-day work would be involved as soon as we started to get the orders coming in. This meant I actually had very little time to focus on growing the business at all. I knew that I needed to outsource these tasks to give me space and the time to strategise and build the company. 

After months of trial and error, I eventually hired my first virtual assistant. Today, we now have a team of virtual assistants and not only have I been able to grow our e-commerce business, but we’ve been able to start a second business successfully and my husband has left his full-time job to join the family business as well. This means we get to spend a lot more time together, and as a family, we get to do the things that we want to. 

So what are some of the key areas that we’ve outsourced that have enabled us to do this? First and foremost, General Administration – this covers everything from email management, meeting scheduling, diary management, data entry through to social media management. All of the things that we need to do for our business to function efficiently but also take time-consuming tasks away from doing the things we love. 

Secondly, we have Social Media and Marketing. This is a broad area but it covers creating graphics, editing videos, writing blogs and articles, writing email sequences, managing content calendars, managing all social media channels, organising podcast appearances and literally everything to do with those topics. 

The third area is Business Development and prospecting which can include outbound and inbound sales calls, sales team management, building pipelines, and nurturing relationships. Last but definitely not the least, Customer Service and Support, this is managing everything to do with our customers, ensuring we always provide the highest level of customer service by being very accessible and responsive thanks to our incredible VA team. 

Along the way, you will notice a couple of significant impacts they’ve made to you and your business, when you look at also outsourcing these tasks, as long as they are outsourced to the right individuals. Firstly, VAs are so cost-effective, instead of you trying to do everything you can, you can delegate tasks out to separate VAs so they only focus on a couple of areas at a time. It’s likely they’re going to be more focused than you are and also do a better job because they’re not rushing or thinking about the next thing they have to do on their long list of to-dos as you would have been. 

Secondly, a VA will be able to do more of whatever task you give them, i.e. if you bring a VA on board and one of their tasks is to do social media outreach for two hours per day, five days per week, they will likely generate much more engagement and leads than you would have been able to, fitting it in amongst all of the other things. 

And thirdly, it’s going to free your time up. Now you can spend your time strategising, planning growth, looking at areas in the business that can be more streamlined, and analysing key performance indicators. 

If you are interested in learning more about how an outstanding virtual assistant can help your business grow, please get in touch with us at resourceworldwide.co.uk to see how together, we can make a real impact on your business.

Resource Worldwide