How we find your perfect VA.


We evaluate.

One of our experienced consultants will look at your business and key processes with you. By identifying the bottlenecks and areas which are taking your time and holding you back we will put together a plan to start outsourcing specific daily, weekly and monthly tasks instantly.

We will get to know everything about you and your unique business needs to ensure we match you with a virtual expert who not only will get the work done but will also fit with your culture / vision / company ethos etc.


We find.

Using your consultation as our base we will then begin our search.

Using a combination of our expert team in the Philippines along with our constantly evolving database of over 300,000 professional Virtual Assistants we will actively source you a Virtual Assistant to meet your exact requirements. We interview each candidate on 3 key areas – their attributes, skills and experience.


We introduce.

We understand the importance of a connection when working with your team.

For this reason we will present you with the top 2 candidates CV’s and then arrange for you to meet them both to choose the VA who best suits you and your unique business.


We integrate.

The final part of our process is to then work with your Virtual Assistant so they are ready and prepared to complete every detail of the role. We then hand your Virtual Assistant over.

As we understand the first 2 weeks in any role is where the most learning will happen we stay in close contact with both you and your Virtual Assistant, providing both support and documentation to help with management of your new team member.

We've got you

Let us handle the process for you…

Here at Resource Worldwide we are passionate about matching highly skilled Virtual Assistants with great Business Owners.

Let us make hiring simple for you – we know it can be daunting handing over any control to someone else (trust us!) – but we’ve been through all the hard work so you don’t have to.

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Free up time and be more profitable.

Do you ever feel like you are struggling for time and seem to be working more “in” your business and less “on” your business? You’re ready for a VA!

VAs come in all levels of experience, whether you just require someone to take admin jobs off your plate, or whether you require a full stack web developer to level up your team.


Sound VA-luable?We thought so.

Get in touch now to see how a VA can transform your life and get your time back.