Hi, I’m Sophie, the founder of Resource Worldwide.

I just wanted to take a minute to introduce myself and share some insights on working with virtual assistants as a cost-effective and powerful solution for your business. We have seen time and time again, the amazing impact this has had for other clients and of course, in our own business too.  Since working with virtual assistants in my own business, our revenue has increased by over 1000%, but the most amazing part of what I do is seeing the impact working with VAs has on our clients’ companies.

Clients recently have shared stories with me of being able to go on holiday for a month, leaving their virtual assistant teams to grow their businesses whilst they enjoyed precious time spent with their families. Another client reported back to me that within five months of working with his VA team, his revenue went from 30 grand per month to £200,000 per month, whilst another client has been able to free up her time to such a degree, she now has started an additional business.

The best part is, these stories are not one-offs. I share them to give you an insight as to how working with VAs could soon look within your company. These types of results are normal, and I’m lucky enough to get to hear more and more stories of freedom, business growth, revenue increase, life balance, and overall improved happiness from our clients, as a direct result of working with VAs on a weekly basis.

Given the current climate, one of the reasons our clients choose to work with a VA team instead of a more traditional employee route is that as well as being cost-effective, there is also a very little risk. As VAs are not employees, there are no complicated contracts or expected and enforced benefits, and as they work remotely, you don’t need to expand your office in order to expand your team. As well as being cost-effective, our clients experience working with highly skilled virtual assistants who have additional positive impacts on their business. From freeing up their time to helping them grow, they have found their VAs to be much more than just an extra pair of hands, but instead, long-term partners who develop within their role, take on more responsibility and bring ongoing value. So much so that the comment we hear the most is, we just wish we’d started doing this sooner.

Resource Worldwide got started when I identified the need to work with virtual assistants within my own business. I looked for a service to help me find the right people for my team, but there were none that met my standards. I, therefore, went about hiring my own virtual assistant team, which was a really slow and painful process. Months and months of trial and error, I eventually hired my first true virtual expert, and the impact this had on my business was mind-blowing! This ignited my fire in wanting to help other business owners have access to these amazing VAs as I’d experienced firsthand, the transformation that it made to my own business and life.

Our passion is to support people around this journey. We work with ambitious, driven business owners who need some additional support to outsource various key processes within their business, in order to significantly free up their time and take their business to new heights.

If you feel overwhelmed with the number of things that you are currently doing, or frustrated by constantly running out of time and not achieving the levels of success you feel you could, or if you feel your business is consuming all of your time, leaving you without energy for anything else, and you recognise that you want to feel free, get your time back, grow your business, and get back to loving what you do, then you are in the right place. We see incredible transformations every day, and that is why I am so excited for you to experience it yourself.

We look forward to getting to know you better and sharing this journey to freedom with you.

Sophie Dearden