Hi guys! It’s Sophie here from Resource Worldwide. One of the conversations I have been having with most of my clients over the last couple of weeks is about areas of their business where they would like to see a support hub and get additional support within, and lead generation in particular tends to come up a lot. I also have a Facebook group which is an amazing community for female entrepreneurs building kick-ass businesses. One of the questions that we ask in that Facebook group is “Where would you like to see additional support?”  or “Where would you spend your time if you had more time in your business?” Many people talk about lead generation customer acquisition.

I just wanted to dedicate this blog to share with you some tips on how to generate leads, and then how outsourcing can play into that and turbocharge your lead generation activities, but not necessarily in the way that you would expect. 

First is lead generation customer acquisition. I have jotted down five points here from my own experience. I am not a lead generation specialist. I have a team within my business that does our lead generation. I also have pretty good knowledge of it from the businesses that we run but it is not an area I would say that I am an expert in. Based on my experience, here are the five top tips that I would like to offer when I am thinking about lead generation. 

Firstly, it is important to know exactly who it is that you are talking to. Whether it is one type of person or two types of people. More often than not, in businesses, you have two different people that you are normally talking to. One of them is your 80% client base or avatar. The other one is your 20% client base or avatar. What is really important is that, within each of those avatars only, you will be speaking to one person. 

Often, we can find that we are trying to talk to all of our customers or clients. It can be confusing with messaging. Just decide on the one person who you want to get your message to and who you want to speak to. What is the age of that person? What is the sex of that person? Are they married? Do they have children? What are their fears? What are their strengths? What are their weaknesses? What excites them? What makes them feel sad? You really need to get to know who it is that you are talking to. 

When you write your messaging, you can be talking specifically just to that one person. Especially, if you have a lot of content that you want to release and you want to split it across different platforms, which can definitely get overwhelming. If you just target everything at the one person to whom you are speaking, then, you are going to be much clearer on any content in any lead gen that you do. 

Secondly, once you have done that, you can then decide where that person is spending their time. Are they spending their time in Facebook communities, YouTube videos, LinkedIn,  watching webinars, listening to podcasts or reading books? Once you know where that person is spending his or her time, then you have an idea of where you can start putting your lead generation activities. Again, it should be in the area where that person is. 

Thirdly, think about what you can offer them. What value can you bring to these people? It could be a PDF or a video. I usually do videos every week. I try to give as much value as I possibly can in each of the videos. I also do webinars and sometimes live Q & As. I am about to launch a podcast as well. I want to make sure that anyone will benefit from learning what I have learned. I also want to share that value and experience with them.

Now, what that also does is that it connects me with people that may then be interested in benefiting from our outsourcing services. So not everyone who reads this blog, joins us in our Facebook community, sees a YouTube video, listens to the podcast or webinar or whatever it might be, is going to use Resource Worldwide as a service. But some people will be able to read this and then decide that they want to talk to us further about our service. 

Although I am offering a lot of value, I never would expect the value I have offered to return to me through a client, but I always think that if I have given someone some information that can help and have an impact on them, that is certainly the key to why I am giving value. Ultimately, what usually happens is that it does come around and tend to lead to new customer inquiries at some point. 

Fourthly, make sure that you are reaching out. Once you find out where these people are, ensure that you are reaching out to them. Whether it is videos, posts, or stories, make sure that you reach out to people and add value constantly. 

Fifthly, you should be consistent, so as to make sure that you are speaking to people every single day. You can call it lead gen call, serving people, or bringing value to people. But making sure that you are doing it consistently is absolutely essential. So how does outsourcing fit into this? Like I said at the beginning of this blog, one of the main questions or main topics when our clients come to us and want support is lead generation. 

Now, when doing the activities, it can be about helping with content, creating a new one, or it could be splitting and repurposing content across multiple social media channels, posting content, responding and engaging to the content that has been posted and people within Facebook communities, Instagram, or LinkedIn, especially if our clients are free to really commit to doing their lead gen themselves. 

If you have three hours a day to spend just doing lead generation activities and because you knew your admin had been taken care of, your orders had been processed, your client onboarding process was being looked after, and you had outsourced that to a team member which could be a member, staff, or a virtual assistant, and imagine if you could do consistent lead generation for a period of 30 days, 60 days, 90 days, what sort of impact would that have on your business? 

That is something that I would like to just leave there with you as a question. I hope that you will find this information valuable. I look forward to posting more in our Facebook group about this and talking more about it. One last thing is that if anyone does ever have any questions that you want me to directly answer within the blogs that I am sharing, I will be putting on some live Q & As in the future. But if anybody has any questions that you want me to specifically answer within my blogs, please feel free to drop them in the comment section. I will make sure that we get back to you and get your questions answered. Have an amazing week guys!

Sophie Dearden
Resource Worldwide